Friday, August 8, 2014


I am a planner.
I am an organizer.
I am a perpetual list-maker.
I live by my calendar.
I like to be in control.
Can anyone identify?
And yet, there is another side of me that often struggles with that control freak!
Because -

I love whimsy!
I love when I see something totally out of context!
I love when I'm out for a walk and I see something totally out of place
in the surrounding environment!
I love the unpredictable!
(When it doesn't mess with my plans, that is!)

(Hint: the rabbit is real!)
Whimsy is defined as "an odd or capricious idea; something quaint, fanciful or odd."
Whimsical is defined as "playful, fanciful, or capricious; characterized by erratic behavior or unpredictability."

I love the whimsical!

A touch of whimsy in my day always makes me smile!!

God is unpredictable!

Have you ever thought about that?

He’s unchanging, but He’s unpredictable!

He very rarely does the same thing the same way twice!!

I love when God does something when you least expect it!

He answers a prayer totally not in the way you asked or ever thought about, but it’s good, oh, so good and you see His love expressed for you and only you!

When I encounter a touch of the whimsical in my day, I’m always caught up in what a personal God I serve that He would place that exactly there where He knew I would find it.

Something that perhaps wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else, but touches me right where I live!

I suspect it brings great delight to God's heart to see us delight in Him.  Just as a parent enjoys giving good gifts to a child, so, too, God enjoys giving us good gifts, unpredicable gifts, whimsical gifts!
Love works that way.  Love delights when the beloved is delighted.
Delight in Him today!

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, ...."
Ephesians 3:20

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