Monday, August 11, 2014

In This Place


We sang this song in church a couple of weeks ago, as we have many times in the past, but it spoke to me in such a different way this time.
"You are awesome in this place, Mighty God.
You are awesome in this place, Abba Father."
The song speaks about coming into His presence and seeing the fullness of His grace and experiencing Him as awesome in this place..
The phrase "in this place" really started my mind and spirit thinking.
In this place is anywhere we happen to be at the moment.
This place is the doctor's office the bedside of a dying loved one
...the midst of an argument with your spouse your bathroom for the 1,000 time
...disciplining your children
...on a Caribbean cruise
...the dumps in the Philippines
... the U.S. Senate chamber
...the ghettos of New York City
...the mansions of the Hamptons.
God is awesome in this place. wherever we happen to be. 
We carry His presence wherever we go and
God wants to be, can be and will be awesome in this place.
He will show Himself strong and mighty on our behalf
when we acknowledge Him in our own hearts in the midst of whatever place we find ourselves.
We may not see physical miracles, in fact, we probably won't, but then again, we could!
But we can experience the miracle in our hearts as we acknowledge His presence and bring Him into our situations in this place.
We can experience the fullness of His grace in our hearts in this place.
I don't know about you, but there are times and situations I've been in that I have forgotten to look for Him in the midst of it all; I've forgotten to look for Him in this place.
I've forgotten to acknowledge Him as Lord right where I am.
We bring with us and create around us an atmosphere everywhere we go. 
It can be an atmosphere of grace and peace or it can be an atmosphere of contention and complaint.
When we acknowledge God's presence in our hearts and in this place, we are bowing to an atmosphere of God's grace and intervention.
God's presence is what makes the mundane bearable.
God's presence is what makes the tragic overcomable.
God's presence acknowledged in the midst of an argument is what makes
a heart bow humbly to His will.
God's presence acknowledged is what causes the heart to lift in unexplainable joy.
God's presence in this place is what changes this place.
He becomes awesome in this place.

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