Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Ordinariness of Days

Yesterday morning, after 4 days spent at home in my pjs fighting a cold virus, I got ready and headed out to go to work.  Still not feeling up to par, I was dressed in 3 layers of clothing plus a scarf, coat, boots and heavy gloves.  (I steadfastly refuse to wear a hat, no matter what the temperature!)  I trudged down my long walkway toward my garage to get into my cold car.  I backed out of the garage and hit the remote control device in my car to put down the garage door. 
Nothing happened! 
Hit it again, still nothing happened! 
Took off my gloves, hit it again, nothing happened! 
With a very deep sigh, I unbuckled my seat belt, put my car in park, got out of the car and carefully made my way through the snow and ice and approached the security pad outside my garage door.  I put in the security code; nothing happened. 

 Tried again, nothing happened. 
So then, I walked/slid through my garage, hit the button by the side door and FINALLY, the door went down!!  (Everyone/everything is rebelling against this cold winter it seems!) 
I went out the side door of the garage, struggling to walk/slide around the van parked in the driveway and made it back to my car intact, grumbling all the way.  Got back in the car, buckled up, turned the car around and finally headed to work, already tired before the day even started!!
As I drove down the street, the Holy Spirit began speaking very softly to me and I found myself repenting and praying all the way to work!!
"Donna, isn't this day, too, a gift from a God who loves you?"
Life sometimes seems unbearably tiresome! 
It can feel like I'm constantly pushing against a 500-lb weight! 
Do you ever have those days?
Days when it's hard to find something to be thankful for?
Days when it seems everything you do or try to do is meant with resistance?
I want to be thankful at all times.
 I want to be aware of God's presence in ALL things.
 I want to respond to adversity with the right spirit.
I want to stop complaining, but sometimes it just seems so hard.
I think we all struggle with the day to day "stuff" of our lives.  We're all just wanting the Lord to be a part of it - and He is - we just need to be more aware of that, and that's my daily struggle, too.  Just finding Him in all the ordinary small stuff of my day. 
I'm learning to look for Him in all situations. 
Still striving to learn to be thankful in all things.
Learning to not let the ordinariness of the days beat me down and cause me to forget that I have a God that's on my side.  That I have a Savior who walks through all of these ordinary moments with me.
I struggle to change my attitude when I sometimes want to hold onto the grumpiness because somehow that seems to make me feel better.  Huh????
"Oh, I need thee, Oh, I need thee, every hour I need thee
Oh, bless me now, my Savior, I come to thee"
As I drove to work yesterday morning and began to repent and thank God for all the things I could think of that happened to come to mind, I felt an attitude change in my heart.  By the time I arrived at work, I did feel better.  Really, I did!  My heart felt a little lighter as I reminded myself that
"God is always good and I am always loved!"
Please take that thought with you into your day. 
May God lighten your heart today!
Winter may still be outside your door, but "spring" can blossom anew in our hearts as our thoughts turn toward Him.
Today truly is a gift and I don't want to waste it grumbling.  I don't want to miss Him in the small stuff.  I don't want to be smothered and beat down and living like I don't have a God who loves me.
May I see, really see Him in ALL things.  Lord, cause me to be aware of you!
"For with thee is the fountain of life:  in thy light shall we see light."
Psalm 36:9

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