Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Be The Gift!

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
James 1:17
The Bible Study I am currently involved in has challenged me to be a blessing to others, to be a gift to another.  As God blesses me and daily gives me gifts, I am, in turn, to be a blessing to someone else and to be the gift in the moment that God is choosing to give them.  What a challenge!  To be a blessing and a gift to someone else, instead of a curse or annoyance.  :) 
Did you know that the Jordan River flows downward into two bodies of water - the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea?  Did you know that the Sea of Galilee receives water in the north and it gives from the south as the Jordan continues to flow downward and is fresh and alive with fish?  Did you know that the Dead Sea also receives from the north as the Jordan pours forth, but it does not give?  It only takes!  It has no outlet!  Nothing can live in its waters.  "Two seas fed by the same river.  One gives and lives.  The other holds on and dies."  (from Ann Voskamp - One Thousand Gifts).  I did not know this.  Or, rather, I think I knew the information, but had never really seen it in this light.

What God gives, we cannot hold onto.  If we do, we become stagnant and die.  His gifts are meant to flow to me and then flow through me to another.
I have accepted the challenge of being a gift and a blessing to another and my eyes have been opened - opened to see how and when I can be that gift and blessing.  Letting someone in ahead of me in traffic or in the grocery store.  Really looking into the eyes of another and saying "thank you."  Giving a compliment when I think it; being patient with another; eyes opened as hands are opened - to receive and give. 
I can be that "good and perfect gift" at the time ordained by God in someone's life, just as someone else can be that "good and perfect gift" to me.  What an awesome thought!  I want to be that!  I want to give that "gift", whatever and however God may choose.
Lord, let my eyes first be opened to the gifts and blessings you've poured out to me and then, let my eyes be opened to those who need that same gift and blessing and use me to bless.  As I receive blessing, I can be a blessing!
The last couple of days, I have been excited to see the ways in which God will use me to be a blessing and a gift to others.  It has absolutely filled my heart with joy.  I feel like God and I have a secret.  No one else need know what I see and what I do - as unto the Lord.  I feel an excitement in my heart, like you feel on Christmas morning.
My gift to you? - encouragement to be a gift and blessing to someone.  Ask God to show you ways - big and small - that you can touch someone's life today!  Start small and then think big - opening a door, letting someone in line ahead of you, making a meal for someone who is sick, supporting a missionary, sharing the gift of Jesus with a neighbor, sponsoring a child in a third world country, teaching Sunday School - the gifts you can give are endless! Just open your eyes and He will show you!
Accept the challenge!

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