Thursday, December 11, 2014

Held Captive

For the past 3 days, we've been captive to a snow event that has hovered over our area seemingly with no intention of leaving!  We've had rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, power outages, and all kinds of accidents on the highways and byways.  It promises to hang around still, in a weakened state, but very much in evidence, for at least the next couple of days.

It's the kind of weather that stops us in all our coming and goings and doings.  Last night, it took my daughter over 2 hrs to drive about 10 miles!

We are powerless in our humanity to do much about it except endure and get by as best we can.  It slows us considerably; making us pause in the midst of our hurrying and scurrying.

Man, in all his intelligence and inventions and discoveries, has yet to find a way to control the weather!

Nothing, it seems, makes us madder than being out of control.

I would like the Holy Spirit of God to hover over me the way this storm has hovered over our region.
I would like to be held captive by the Holy Spirit.
I would like the Holy Spirit to promise to stay around. 
I would like the Holy Spirit to stop me in my comings and goings and doings. 
I would like the Holy Spirit to cause me to pause in the midst of my hurrying and scurrying.  
I would like the Holy Spirit to take control!

I want to relinquish my control, or more aptly put, relinquish my need to grasp for control and let the Holy Spirit hover and have His way in my life and heart.
I want the Holy Spirit to capture my heart for God's plans and purposes!

What would that look like for me?

I want to stop my strivings!
I want to stop my analyzing!
I want to stop trying to figure God out!
I want to rest in the peace of a humble heart.

I want to rest in Him.
Rest in His provision.
Rest in His care.
Rest in His comfort.
Rest in His control.
Rest in His arms.

Holy Spirit, come!
Holy Spirit, hover!
Holy Spirit, brood over me....over us.

Holy Spirit, you are welcome.......

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