Thursday, December 4, 2014

Come Looking for Me, Lord

"I don't deserve your love
But you give it to me anyway.
Can't get enough;
You're everything I need.
And when I walk away,
you take off running
and come right after me -
It's what you do...and
I don't deserve you!"
I Don't Deserve You by Plumb

He comes running right after me - it's what He does!
He goes running right after you - it's what He does!

It means everything to me to know that I am pursued!  To know that He never gives up on me!

"He's coming now, everywhere for you.  In all humanity's religions, man reaches after God.  But in all His relationships, God reaches for man..........Three words come through the dense thicket of failure:  Where are you?  Your God refuses to give up on you.  Your God looks for you when you're feeling lost, and your God seeks you out when you're down, and your God calls for you when you feel cast aside.  He doesn't run down the rebel. He doesn't strike down the sinner. He doesn't flog the failure."   Ann Voskamp, The Greatest Gift

Jesus is always asking, "Where are you?"  Not because He doesn't know.  He always knows exactly where you are.  No, He asks this question because He wants you to know. 

He wants you to know that He cares for you right where you are.  
He wants you to know that He is always pursuing you.
He wants you to know that His love is enough to reach down for you right where you are.
He wants you to know that He longs to capture your heart.

He will never stop pursuing you!

He pursues you wildly and unceasingly!
He wants to seek out in you those places that need His touch.
Those places that you're aware of and those places you're not aware of that need His touch.
He wants to seek you out to heal you, to change you, to correct you, to comfort you, to overshadow you with His love.

"..Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore will loving kindness have I drawn thee."
Jeremiah 31:3

I respond:

Come looking for me, Lord!

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