Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Remember the Beauty

Here in my "neck of the woods" in Vermont, the foliage is just past prime. 
As I was driving down the road the other day, I was again struck by the beauty of this time of year. 
I have lived here all my life (60+ years) and every year I am still awed by the beauty that surrounds me.
But mostly I tend to take it for granted because it's just part of my daily landscape.

It changes so quickly. 
Just last week, the tree outside my den window was all green. 
Today, it is almost bare, already having shed it's leaves that had turned golden.

Before we know it, the beauty is replaced by such a barrenness that it is hard to remember the beauty from just a few short days ago.

Just as we have seasons in the natural, we have seasons of the soul.  We experience the beauty of what God does in our hearts and lives, but it seems too soon it's replaced with a barrenness in our spirits. It becomes hard for us to remember being in the midst of the beauty!
It's almost the end of October and we are entering into our winter season here in the northeast part of the United States. 
Snow will soon be falling and the temperatures will plummet. 
It will be hard for us to remember the beauty of autumn and the promise of spring.
Even now, it's hard for me to remember warmer temperatures.  It's been in the 40s the last couple of days and so the turtlenecks and sweaters have been taken out of the closet once again. 
In a couple of days, I am traveling to South Carolina where the temperatures will be in the low 70s and I already can't remember what kind of clothes I need for those temps!!
When you are in the middle of a winter season in your spiritual life, is it hard for you to remember the beauty and warmth you once walked in?
Is it hard to remember the promise of God that spring will once again return to your heart and soul?
Our minds often play tricks on us and our memories "short out."
Sometimes that's a good thing - like forgetting what child birth felt like and being willing to have another baby!!
But sometimes it's not a good thing - when we forget that the sun will shine again, the birds will once again sing at dawn, the flowers will bloom and God will be faithful.
If you are in a barren or winter season of your soul right now, remember the beauty of days past and remind your spirit that it will return. 
The winter season will not last forever!
God's Word is true and He will restore!
He will once again restore the beauty to your soul!

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