Sunday, October 19, 2014

What is HeartsEase?

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me what "HeartsEase" meant. 
It occurred to me that I had never really explained it to my readers.
I love pansies.
They are my favorite flower. 

Years ago I found out that the common name for the wild pansy was HeartsEase, so called because it was formerly believed to cure the discomforts of love.

HeartsEase means:
peace of mind;
calmness of emotion;
the absence of mental stress or anxiety;
quietness, quietude;
a state of peace and quiet.
When I decided to start writing a blog, the name HeartsEase came to me right away. 
I wanted this blog to be a conduit of peace; to help quiet the anxiety of heart in an anxious world, to be a place for quiet reflection.

On these pages, I write a lot about my day-to-day walk with the Lord and the things He has taught me over the years; the things He has brought me through.  I share with you out of a heart that loves the Lord and a heart that desires to help bring you "ease of heart."

When I was doing research on the HeartsEase, I found this poem that sums it up. 
The author is unknown.
"I cannot ease your aching heart
nor take your pain away,
but let me stay and take your hand
and walk with you today."
I can't ease your aching heart; only God can do that.
I can't take away your pain, no matter how much I want to; only God can do that.
But I can take your hand and walk with you and that is my desire.
To walk with you through the issues, trials and experiences of this one life we have to live.
To walk alongside you as one who cares and understands because of the issues, trials and experiences I have walked through and the many ways I have seen God come through for me over the years.
It is my hope that as I share my life's experiences with you, you will be able to glean some practical tips and insights to help in your own walk with the Lord.
It is my desire to encourage, uplift and build your faith in who God is and how much He loves you!
The Lord has been my constant friend and help for almost 40 years now.  He has done much in my heart and life.  He has taught me much.  He has brought me through much.  He has taught me much about who He is, His character, His faithfulness, His love, His grace and mercy.
If only one thing I write here helps just one person, then God's purposes in and through my life have been accomplished.
My prayer is that He would use my words and this blog in any way He would chose to spread His love, encourage you to trust Him more and truly bring you HeartsEase.

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