Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He Notices Me!

Do you ever feel very small and insignificant.  In the big scheme of things, do you often wonder if you really matter?

Sometimes, I feel that way.  I'm just a grain of sand on a whole beach full of sand, how could anyone ever "notice me?"

But Scripture tells us that God not only sees us, but that "the very hairs of your head are all numbered."   (Matthew 10:30) 
Can you imagine that?
Have you ever tried counting the hairs on your head?
Last month, I had a couple things happen to me that really caused me to see that not only does God notice me, but He cares for me and is always watching over me.
When the weather here in Vermont first starting turning cold, sometime in November, I felt like I wasn't getting much heat out of my car, but I really didn't give it a lot of thought.  Then I had to take a trip an hour and a half away and I noticed that it took a long time for my car to warm up, but when it finally did, the heat was so intense, it was about to drive me out of the car!  As the weather turned colder, I realized I was indeed not getting any heat.  I called my regular mechanic who told me I would have to take the car to the dealer.   Not knowing how much that would cost, I figured I would just wait until after Christmas.  A couple days later I happened to mention to a friend of mine that I didn't have any heat in my car.  She, in turn, mentioned it to her husband and he asked me about it the next time I saw him.  He checked my car and found that my radiator was almost empty.  He filled it and wonder of wonders, I had heat, wonderful heat!

But not only that, what could have happened to my car had this not been done would have cost me lots of heartache, inconvenience and money!!
This, to me, was a story of God noticing me, caring for me and sending someone to help me!!  I was so blessed by His care for me.
Not once, not twice, but three times during the Christmas holidays, I left the house with a candle burning - not on purpose, for sure - I just forgot to blow it out before I left.  One time I was gone almost 5 hours!!  I was absolutely overwhelmed at God's grace in taking care of me through my carelessness.  The devastation that could have happened I don't even want to think about.  Needless to say, I have not burned a candle since then.  I am not going to tempt God. 
But I am so grateful, more than words can say, of His care for me in both of these recent happenings.
These convince me that God is indeed "noticing me."
My name is engraved on the palms of His hand.
Isaiah 49:16
  My name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life.
Revelation 21:27
I am significant to Him.  He notices me!

He notices YOU, too!

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