Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Love Notes

Do you remember crushing on someone when you were in grade school or high school? Do you remember that feeling you'd get when a note would get passed from one person to another until it got to you and you knew it was from "him'?  The anticipation, the flutter in your stomach? Was he going to profess his undying love? What had he written?  You held your breath as you opened it?

Do you remember that heady feeling you got when you knew that someone really liked you?  What about when someone professed their undying love for you? That feeling to know you were loved, that you were really important to someone, that you were #1 - at least in their eyes?

It had been several months since my husband died when I was redoing our bedroom; replacing our nightstands and changing the bedspread and curtains to something a little more feminine.  I was going through the stuff in the nightstands, stuff that hadn't been looked at in a long time. All of a sudden my eyes caught on writing on an envelope and I recognized the handwriting as Phil's. I sucked in my breath, almost afraid to touch it.  It's as if I felt he was reaching out from beyond the grave.  I really had no idea what it was as I finally picked it up and opened it. Reading the words, the tears ran down my face. It was a love note that he had written to me years before. Obviously, I had slipped it in the nightstand and then over time totally forgot it was there. I can't tell you what that note did to my heart that day, to remember that I had been loved like that.

A greater love than that is set before us each day.  Love notes all around us, waiting to be found, received, embraced and cherished.  

Read these words of Timothy Willard in his devotional Longing For More:

"On this day lift your hands high, for the Lord of Hosts loves you. This heavenly love echoes in our daily reality. It is in the dance of the trees, the cool of the breeze, the hope of calmer seas.  How kind of God, the creator, to throw shards of himself all over the landscape and in our relationships. 'Here,' he calls. 'Here I am in the blasting morning sun! I am giving it to you today, and tomorrow, and the next day, so that you will be reminded of my loving-kindness.'  

Isn't that what a lover does? They leave notes all over the place in hopes of striking that chord inside of your heart, inside of mine.  We read the lines of the note while a shy smile eases across our face. The sweet delight of hearing from a lover in the unexpected quickens our step.
Love notes. Even the sound of it rings with adolescent nostalgia.  The secrecy, and anticipation, the rush of blood to the fast-beating heart.  We have to tell someone about this love.  We must hide this love deep inside.  We must do something with it. We must.

And that is what today is, a giant love note that quickens our step if only we have eyes and ears to see and hear it.  The secrecy of the sunset, the anticipation of the stars, the rush of blood as we move from coffee to drive to walk to hellos and good-byes."

Just like finding that love note from Phil reminded me how much I had been loved by him, I am recently finding love notes from my heavenly Father, reminding me once again, how much He loves me. His love for me has burst anew in my heart and I am heady again with feeling loved.

The Almighty God of the universe, the One who created heaven and earth, the One who is Alpha and Omega - He prepares these love notes for us every day. With excitement in His heart, because He loves us - He prepares these expressions of that love, that we may see and know - daily - that His love is unending, unconditional, deeper, wider, higher, longer, greater than any other!!  He waits with anticipation for us to open those notes - to see what His love has conjured up for us today. His heart is touched when He sees us aware and receptive to the love He has poured out in His note.

And the greatest "love note" of all - His Holy Word - the greatest expression on paper of His love for each of us. How blessed we are to be loved like that! A love undying, unselfish, completely faithful, always giving. Every day a new love note, one we open with heart beating and wondering - how will He show His love today?

Open your heart, your eyes, your ears to receive and read that special love note prepared for only you and find how He is showing His love for you today.

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