Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Your Heart, The Garden

In keeping with the theme of gardening from Monday, preparation of your garden, from start to finish, is very important.

1 - Locate the site
        - find the best place for your garden, checking the pattern of the sun, how much shade the garden will get.  Mark it out (set it apart).

2 -  Dig up the sod
     - remove all existing growth from this site - grass, weeds, etc., things that were not necessarily cultivated but grew there wild.

3 -  Til the soil
     - break up the ground to make it ready to receive the seeds/plants that you will be planting.  Remove all rocks and weeds.

4 -  Mark out pathway
     - this will give the gardener access to all plants.

5 -  Fertilize the soil
     - prepare it for optimum growth; add nutrients and organic matter that are not naturally there so plants will have best chance for growth. 
     - set boundaries, lay landscape timbers, stones, whatever you've chosen.

6 - Plant seeds/plants
     - arrange them compatably so they compliment one another.
     - arrange them for optimum beauty as they grow.

7 -  Tend your garden
     - water, weed, prune, pick off/cut all dead fruit, keep watch for pests that will destroy the plant/
     - pick fruit.flowers for your enjoyment.

In the natural, the gardener is me and the garden is my flowers.
In the spirit, the gardener is the Lord and the garden is my heart.

Just as the gardener prepares the earth to respond to cultivation,
God prepares my heart to respond to Him.

Let God speak to you the spiritual meaning behind all of these natural steps.  Give Him your heart to prepare as His garden!
Let God do His gardening!


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