Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shameless Marketing!

For the past three posts, I've written about grace.  
Taking a break today.
Today's post would qualify as a commercial!!

Many of you are aware of a book I wrote and published almost four years ago, Strength of My Heart. I thought back when I wrote it that it would be my first and only book.  It wasn't!

I have recently released a new book, titled, "His Relentless Pursuit."  It's a very small book, only 86 pages; can probably be read in one setting.

I have found with both these books that writing and getting them published, to me, are actually the easiest parts of the whole process. Once the book is published, I consider my job done.  I feel like I've released the burden the Lord gave me to "get it down on paper" and it's time to move on.

But then there's this piece called "marketing" that I have a really hard time with.  It just seems very self-serving and self-promoting and yet that's exactly what you have to do to get the word out so people even know your book is out there. But that's been hard for me to do.

Last week I was emailing with a friend and lamenting about this very thing.  I wrote to her -

"My new book was released on December 15.  I received 5 complimentary copies and now I have to place my bulk order.  Now comes the part I hate - marketing!  I am not good at self-promotion at all.  I wish I had a marketing guru!!"

She wrote back to me -

"Congratulations on the new book and good luck with the marketing-work to come; I am sure the book's message is close to your heart, and so that can be what you base your marketing on -- that will make the work easier, I'm sure."

And, Wow, that was the word of the Lord to me - because the message is close to my heart and it's a message I'm passionate about, so on that basis, I come to you today to "market" my book.

This is what is written on the back cover of the book -

"God's heart is relentless in pursuit to capture our heart.  Be inspired as Donna describes the whimsical and unexpected ways she has been pursued by God through the use of hearts . . . .  all shapes, sizes and composition.  Muse with the author as she stumbles across refreshing surprises of God's presence in her everyday life.  Then discover for yourself where and how to look for these simple love memos in the midst of tears, fears and everyday ramblings.  Be encouraged of God's loving heart for you!"

This is what I want to encourage in others.  To look for expressions of God's love personally for you as you walk out every day life.  Countless times in my life when I needed a touch from God or just simply a reminder that He was aware of me, that He saw me at that moment in time, He has come through for me.  Over and over and over again I am overwhelmed by His pursuing love for me.

(A seashell found on the beach by a friend of mine.)

(The last piece of lettuce on my plate!)

I could give testimony after testimony how He has "showed up" when I needed Him most and in ways that mean so much to me.  Just the other day, I was struggling with accusations the devil was trying to cripple me with and I received a "late and unexpected" Christmas gift from a friend that was a very personal message to me from the Lord!  Honestly, at times I am astounded at the scope of His love reaching out to me!

I want you to be astounded, too!  I want you to recognize the "gifts" from the Lord that He gives each and every day as His love reaches out to you, pursues you, sees you and loves you!

So, if you feel so inclined, my book is available through, Barnes& or you can buy it directly from me -  If you click on the link in the upper right corner of this blog, it will bring you directly to Amazon where you can either purchase a hard copy or download it to your Kindle.  If you do purchase a copy, please share with me what you thought and I would love you to share with me how God is relentlessly pursuing you!!

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End of commercial!

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